Transitioning the Baker Boy Hat into Spring

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One of my favorite trends the past few seasons has been the baker boy hat! I absolutely love the character they bring to an outfit, and how they can be styled in so many ways! I have loved styling them with an everyday casual outfit (such as jeans and a sweater) or pairing them with a simple skirt or dress.



As we transition into Spring, it is really important you transition your baker hats as well! As the weather heats up, wool hats can become terribly uncomfortable to wear. So, you should trade those wool baker boy hats for ones that are made of lighter and more breathable materials such as cotton, linen, and polyester. This way, you can continue to participate in this lovely trend without baking in the sun! Before purchasing any new hats this season, double-check the materials used if you are unsure of what your hat is made of! This information should be on the hat’s tag if you are buying it in store, or listed under the hat’s product information (most likely listed under materials or contents) if you are purchasing it online.


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In addition, taking advantage of the seasons changing to lighten up the colors of your baker boy hats are a fun way to add fresh colors to your Spring outfits! I always think a black one is a major staple to have no matter the season, but lighter grays, new colors, and patterns are a fun way to freshen and lighten up an outfit. I did this in my outfit from above! I added my gray baker boy hat and light-wash denim jacket to lighten up my all black outfit.







Some people are a little hesitant to try the trend, but I really encourage it! I think you will like it more than you think you will! I am rounding up some of my favorite baker boy hats for Spring down below! I hope you find one you love that will bring extra style to your Spring outfits!!



I hope you have a great rest of your Wednesday! Warmer weather is so close, we can do this!! Do not forget that my outfit details are linked earlier in this post and at the end, and if you have anymore question feel free to comment below!


Thanks for stopping, Lovely!




Photos taken by my lovely mom!

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