Your Lovely Guide To: My Favorite Cold Weather Accessories

This post is long overdue!
If you remember, I said that I was going to post this blog post over a month ago when the weather was turning for the worst! Somehow winter decided that it was only here for a short visit, so I thought I could wait on giving you all a guide to my favorite cold weather accessories. Now I think I can truly say winter is here, and wish I could show you the snowy weather that is outside at the moment! I am no where near thrilled about it, but I am thankful that it held off this long! Austin and I were driving back from a little weekend getaway to a Packers game in Wisconsin yesterday, and just beat the storm! We are home now and unfortunately have to get back to reality and studying for finals (something I am also not excited about). Down below I am going to go through each cold weather accessory that I think is a must for the cold and the snow, and also link my favorites of each for you all! I am also linking my outfit details from these photos right here:



Whether you are wearing beanies for warmth or style (or both) they are one of the best accessories to have this time of year. I think it is always good to have a few on hand. I like having ones in neutral colors that go with everything, and I also love having ones in fun colors for when an outfit needs a pop of color!  And let’s be honest, they do a heck of a job hiding a bad hair day!!

One thing that I cannot stand during the winter is my hands being cold, and honestly my cold hands on a freezing steering wheel!! That is the absolute worst!! Can anybody else relate? With that being said you can always find me in mittens or gloves during the winter!

I really think that scarves for warmth are a little underrated sometimes. When the weather gets unbearable, I need a scarf wrapped around my neck and face to keep the wind and snow out. Scarves are obviously a great accessory for style, but for me are a must-have accessory for warmth (with the fringe benefit of style). There are also so many different style of them that you are sure to find one that fits the style and amount of warmth you need!

Socks are sometimes forgotten when it comes to cold weather accessories, but they are crucial to keep those piggies warm! They also are super cute peaking out from the top of your snow boots!

I am so sorry that this post took so long for me to get up, but I know that it will be so useful to you now (especially if there is snow on the ground where you live, too)! Try an have fun with you cold weather accessories! Although they are something that you need to survive the winter, they can also add effortless style to your winter outfits!
Hope you all have a fabulous Tuesday!!
Thanks for stopping by, Lovelies!!
Thanks to my sweet mom for taking these pictures!
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