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Has anyone else been loving some of the popular trends right now?? I have noticed an overwhelming amount of trends that (1) I absolutely love and (2) are going to be big for fall. I feel like I have a good idea of a few trends that we will being seeing all over in the coming season and I wanted to talk about them so we can all be ahead of the game with trying them!


1. Faux Satin: This romantic material makes a dreamy statement. Although most of us won’t be sporting real satin this season, the faux version of it is just as beautiful. I can picture it being styled with other feminine pieces or with edgier items to make the outfit a little more sweet. In the photos for this blog post I am wearing a faux satin top and love how it pairs so well with my charcoal denim skirt.


2. Leopard Print: I have had mixed emotions about this trend, but the more I see it, the more I love it! I personally think this print is perfect for fall with its neutral tones. If you want to start slowly with this trend try styling the print in the form of shoes, a purse, or a hair/bag scarf.


3. Golden Tones: I love how big golden tones have been this summer and have a big feeling they will be a popular color scheme this fall. Mustard has been one of the colors that has been extremely popular. Now I am not sure that I can pull it off with my hair color and skin tone, but I  A B S O L U T E L Y  love it!


4. Color-block: I feel like people always gravitate to items that are color-blocked well. I have noticed even more color-block items for sale recently than normal, and know that color-block sweaters are going to be a hit this coming season.


5. Acrylic: This trend is  E V E R Y W H E R E! Acrylic earrings have been a big deal and are extremely light-weight, which is a very big bonus! I have even seen acrylic purse handles, acrylic details on belts, and necklaces. I love the detail it adds to an outfit and can see it being a big deal continuing into fall.


6. Snake-skin Print: Another animal print that I have begun to see a ton. I love that just like the leopard print, snake-skin print is very neutral in color and can be worn with so many things. It not only gives extra detail to an outfit (which you all know I love), but it adds great texture.


7. Knit Tops: These have been everywhere! Ribbed sweater like tanks and tops have been very trendy this summer and their texture and coziness are sure to carry into fall!


8. Horn Buttons: This has been a major trend this summer and my personal favorite! I  L O V E  how it looks and yes I am going to say it again😉.. the detail it gives to an outfit! There is just something about the buttons that give a bit of a vintage vibe that I absolutely love. I know that people will be loving it just as much or even more in the fall.


These are just a few trends that have been rather relevant over the course of the summer and that I have a feeling will be growing even more popular in the fall. Let me know in the comments if there are any trends that you have been loving that I  mentioned, trends I did not mention, or fall trends you are just excited for in general.

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Photos taken by my lovely mom!

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