The Second Layer To Spend Your Money On This Season


One thing that I think is so important to have in your closet when fall arrives (or is about to arrive) is layers!
I do not think anything is quite as crucial (especially if you live in the midwest like me) as layers, layers, layers! I have always been a girl who loves her cardigans and sweaters, but the past few years I have found a great love for jackets. They are one of the best stylish solutions to the cool crisp air of fall.
Because I get so much use out of jackets, I think they are one of the items that is practical to spend a little more money on. You want them to be high-quality so they last through all the wear you are going to get out of them. I know we all have our own budgets, and all are willing to spend different amounts of money on specific items. Try and think about how much you are willing to pay for a great jacket that you will wear all season or for multiple seasons. Being a college student, anything over $100 is too much, unless I save for a long time for it or if it is a specific brand.
This specific olive moto jacket happens to be $70, which is on the high side of my budget for a jacket.  I have wanted a great moto jacket for a long time now, and when I saw this one I knew I was going to get a ton of wear out of it. These are just a few reasons why I thought it was okay for me to spend that kind of money on this jacket. $70 might be nothing to a lot of you, but for me that is pushing it! So when you are looking for an investment jacket this season, know what your “pushing it” price is.
Also make sure that if you are going to spend the money on it, that you are going to wear it very frequently and that it is very versatile. Do not spend your money if you are only going to wear a pricey item like this once or if there are not many ways to wear it. You might make one outfit look really amazing but that is not worth it, Babes!
What is an item that you are willing to invest a little more money on this season? Comment it down below!!
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Photos taken by my lovely momma! 
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