The Over-The-Knee Boots That Have Changed The Game

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Alright, Beauties! You all have completely fallen for my over-the-knee boots, as have I!!
I have gotten so many compliments and questions on them, and a lot of you asked me to do a blog post reviewing them, answer the questions you have asked, and just to give you all my overall thoughts on them.
First of all, I have to say they are absolutely amazing, and have been the boots that I have grabbed for so much lately (not to mention they are currently on sale). You can probably tell that though, since you all constantly see me wearing them on Instagram and in my blog posts. I will put some other photos of me wearing them below so you can get some outfit inspiration, and see just how versatile they really are!
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 As you can see, they can be worn with so many things and in so many ways! I purchased my pair of these over-the-knee boots from the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale that was a just a few months ago. I wrote a whole blog post on it because I was determined to keep my purchases limited. I made it a rule that if I was going to buy anything from the sale, it would be: practical, worth my money, and something that I knew that I would be wearing all the time (and could also wear for more than one season/year). Now I can confidently say that these boots are living up to my expectations, and they are everything that I hoped my purchase would be. They were a practical purchase because I was saving quite a bit of money on an item at a higher price point. They are worth my money because I do wear them all the time, and they can be styled in so many ways!
Now I am going to answer the questions you guys asked me to answer about them, and kind of give a review of them in that fashion.
Q: How do the boots fit? Are they true to size?
A: These boots run true to size for me! I purchased my usual shoe size (8.5), and they fit my foot great!
Q: I am all about comfort, so are they comfortable while wearing?
A: I think that they are a very comfortable shoe! I have really sensitive feet, that get irritated from so many shoes. I have worn these all day at work without any soreness at the end of the day. I work in retail, so I am ALWAYS on my feet and walking/running around. I think that a lot of this has to do with the fact that it has the perfect heel height. I cannot wear really flat shoes, and I usually need a little bit of heel to prevent me feet from hurting (especially if I am at work!). The stacked heel on these boots is a 2-inch heel, which is not too high or not too low for me (it is just right lol).
Q: Do you like them in taupe, or would you suggest getting them in black?
A: I absolutely l-o-v-e them in taupe! I got them in taupe mostly because I already owned a black pair, but I also thought that I could style them in so many stylish ways because of their neutral color. I’ll be honest though, these boots also come in black, and they are tempting me so much right now! If you think you would wear the black pair more (you just know you gravitate to black pieces, or you wear more black), then I completely recommend getting them! You honestly can never go wrong with black, and buy the black would be a less risky purchase for most people because you are bound to wear black pretty frequently. I just can’t get over how perfect the style of the boot is, and I know you will be in love with them too no matter what color you decide on!
Q: Do they sag at all or are they tight on the leg? Also, how high is the shaft on your leg?
A: Everyone’s legs are different, but I have no trouble with these sagging while I walk. I have tried other (less expensive) over-the-knee boots, and I had to pull them back-up constantly! That gets to be so annoying, especially when you are walking a lot! They are also tight on my leg. That was the style I was looking for when I was searching for the perfect over-the-knee boots, and these ones exceeded my over-the-knee boot dreams! The shaft of these boots are 22.5 inches, and they probably go 2-4 inches above my knee (that is an estimate, but you can see where they hit my leg in the pictures above). If you want to know where they might hit your leg, I would just pull a ruler out and measure 22.5 inches up from your ankle.
Q: I am not sure if I can pull off over-the-knee boots…they seem a little bold for me, any tips?
A: I hear this a lot, especially at the store that I work at. I live in South Dakota, where a lot of fashion trends are not accepted right away (but, hey I a fashion girl, and people’s modest opinions and where I live are not going to stop me!). I really think that anyone can pull off OTK boots, but there are ways to make them a little less bold, if you are worried about that. One of my favorite ways to subtly style OTB is wearing a black pair with black jeans. This prevents them from standing out too much, but you still look very chic!
Overall, I could not be happier with my purchase of these OTK boots, and I cannot recommend them enough! I do not think that there is a better time to buy these since they are currently 20% off, which makes them under $100. That might still sound like a lot of money for some of you, but if you are looking for a great quality pair of OTK boots then you have found them, and they are totally worth it! All of the other raved about OTK boots on the market are hundreds sometimes thousands of dollars, which seems completely ridiculous to me! I find that these are the perfect pair, and would not want any other!
I am linking my outfit details from the post’s outfit, and obviously my boots below! You can find the details to those other photos here! Let me know if you have any further questions! Feel free to comment down below, DM me on Instagram, comment on Instagram, or email me! I am always happy to answer your questions, and want to help you all as much as I can!
Thanks for stopping by, Lovely!!
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