The Lovely Ultimate Last Minute Gift Guide


Okay, so Christmas has snuck up on us real quick!
I had a plan to publish a gift guide for you all once a week until Christmas, and then I decided that would not be very useful to you because most people have their shopping done weeks in advance! I then thought I would just get more out to you with in the past couple weeks, but with finals and doctor appointments I have not been able to do that successfully! I apologize for that, and promise I will plan better next year! With that being said, I thought I would just do one big gift guide of last minutes gift ideas for you guys. I hope that it can give you ideas if you have not finished (or begun) your shopping! I touch a little on each section and link the products from the collage as well! I just want to keep this short and sweet so I can get it posted for all of you who are franticly trying to think of ideas like me!
The Ultimate Last Minute Gift Guide For The…
Duffle Bag // This is the cutest duffle for a quick road trip or even as a carry-on bag for flights. I know that some luggage can get expensive, so an affordable (and stylish) duffle bag is always a great alternative to that carry-on roller luggage! Plus, this one is so cute! It also comes in one other color option that is to die for!!
Suitcase // I purchased a gold suitcase for my trip to NYC this past May, and I love it so much! I unfortunately do not travel often, but it makes me so excited when I get the chance! I felt so stylish walking through the airport with it.
Passport Holder // If you are like me, then you love cute little details. If you know someone who travels a lot and gets a lot of use out of their passport then a passport holder is a must-have item. Not only is it cute, but is protects the passport, which is very important to do.
Cosmetic Pouch // Having a pouch that you can store your makeup in when traveling is something that is needed! You can also use these kind of pouches to keep your bags and purses organized!

Boss Babe
Tote // I have this reversible tote and absolutely love it! It is perfect for those boss babes who need a bag to carry their computer and other work items in, but do not want to carry a backpack. I also used this for my carry-on bag on my trip in May, and it was able to carry all the things I needed with me.
Planner // I have used this planner for over three years now, and would not want to use any other one. I love this brand, and they have so many options for planners, but I love their biggest one. It allows me to plan out each day by the hour. Every boss babe needs a planner to keep track of deadlines and to simply stay organized.
Digital Screen Protection Glasses // Between school and blogging, I put in a lot of hours of screen time. My eyes get tired, strained, and begin to twitch when I am looking at my computer screen for too long. These glasses have honestly helped my eyes so much, and I truly believe everyone who spends a lot of time on the computer should have a pair of these glasses. They cannot be linked with a picture below, so they are linked here.
Coffee Mug // I think many of us can agree that we cannot start our day successfully without our coffee! It gives us that extra boots to get stuff done! This one is extra cute for the boss babe (or just boss) in your life!

Fashion Books // Like I mentioned in the collage above, I totally geek out when I get fashion books as gifts! I think if someone really loves a subject, they would be excited to receive a book about it! I got this specific one last year for Christmas, and it is such a great one for fashionistas!
Faux Fur Coat // Faux fur coats have been so hot this season so far! They have been at the top of my wishlist, and think that they are at the top of many fashionista’s wishlists as well! This one is extra stylish because of its blush/mauve color! Also this one is amazing quality, and would be an amazing gift for any fashion lover!!
Cheetah Print Heeled Booties // Heeled booties have also been a very popular trend this year! I have had my eyes on these cheetah ones for a long time now, and think they would add the most stylish pop of print to any outfit! I also think that if you are hesitant about the cheetah trend, shoes are a good way to test it out!
Classic Watch // There comes a time in everyones life that they should probably have a classic watch that they can wear with just about everything! I love this one so much, and think it would be the perfect accessory to any outfit!

Coffee Lover
Keurig // I use my Keurig everyday and I love it so much! I think it is the perfect gift for people who are on their own, or people who want to prevent wasting coffee. Sometimes with coffee pots, it is easy to drink half of the pot and dump the rest, but with a Keurig you have your one cup! I completely recommend them!
Testing Set of Coffee // I think this gift is such a good and unique idea for coffee lovers or people who are trying to learn more about coffee! The set comes with four different kinds of coffee that all have different tasting profiles! It is also very affordable!!
French Press // This is the perfect gift for people who love their coffee to be full of flavor! Not to mention (it looks really cool)! There is also a milk frother that is a part of the same collection that sounds like such a cool idea for a gift!!
Cup of Happy Mug // I think this mug speaks for itself! A cup of coffee is really a cup of happiness! I love the gold detailing that this mug has as well!

Gym Junkie
Beat Headphones // I have heard such amazing things about these headphones! People seem to really love them for the gym! I especially love them in this color!
Zella Leggings // These are my absolute favorite leggings for working out! They are comfortable and are perfectly high-waisted! Not to mention, they are rather affordable compared to other activewear brands.
Swell Water Bottle // I included this in my gift guide for girls with an active lifestyle, but I absolutely love it! It also keeps things cold for a very long time.
White Sneakers // There is nothing like a fresh pair of white sneakers for the gym! They are like a clean slate, and would be perfect for someone with a fitness resolution for the new year.

Stuffed Stockings
Beanie // If you live anywhere that it is cold, beanies and other cold weather accessories are not a choice. This one is so cute, and would make the perfect stocking stuffer! It also comes it a few other color options!
Hydration Sheet Mask // This sheet mask is the best one that I have used for hydration! It would make the best stocking stuffer or gift for a beauty lover!!
Champagne Bears // I have heard such amazing things about these, but cannot have them because they are made on the same equipment as peanuts. But, I think they would make the cutest stocking stuffer! I always love buying things in sets and dividing them up to make numerous stocking stuffers!




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