The Lovely Gift Guide For: The Girl With An Active Lifestyle


I do not know about you guys, but I honestly love getting fitness items for gifts (especially clothes…go figure) because I hate spending my own money on them. If I have the money to spend on clothing items, it is likely that I am spending it on fashion and classic pieces that I can wear daily and style on the blog! But, this does not mean that I do not like being stylish at the gym because everybody knows that saying, “When you look good you feel good, when you look good you do good.” I am a strong believer of this saying especially when I am at the gym! Looking stylish is the perfect motivation!
We all have a girl in our life who loves living an active life, maybe you are one as well, or you are trying to begin living a healthier manner. So this guide will help you shop for that fitness girl in your life, or could be your wishlist for people shopping for you!
Stylish Leggings
Good quality (and stylish) leggings are a must for the gym! There is nothing worse than wearing poor quality leggings to the gym and having them slide down constantly or being uncomfortable. The ones that are in the collage above are Zella, which is an athletic brand I swear by…plus it is a lot more affordable that other cute brands out on the market! I wear their black high-waisted ones all the time, and I will link those below, too!

Cute Workout Tops/Sport Bra
Of course you can’t just wear stylish leggings, but also need a cute top to go with it! I think the one in the collage above would be soooo cute paired with the leggings from the collage! It would also be a perfect top to wear with high-waisted leggings to yoga or barre! I am not always comfortable wearing cropped tops or bras to the gym, but there are great options that are not cropped that are just as cute! I will link both kind of options below!

Bluetooth Headphones
I do not have a pair of these personally, but my sister has them and she absolutely loves them! She got them to use while she runs, which I could imagine is so nice! I always get frustrated by the headphone cord getting in my way while running or working out, so these would probably be my best friend!

Running Socks
There is nothing much worse than running/working out with blisters or shoes that create blisters. These socks are the solution to that! They are cushioned in all the right places, and should prevent uncomfortable rubbing and skin irritation!

Cute + Stylish Shoes
One of my favorite parts of any workout outfit is the shoes! I personally love a good sneaker that is in a fun color or white! It is also important to make sure that the shoes you are gifting are great quality. My tip is to make sure you read reviews, and also pay attention to the sizing information.

Dry Shampoo
This might seem like a silly gift, but it is a necessity when it comes to working out (especially if you do not have time to wash your hair after a workout). The trick is to spray your roots with the dry shampoo, and then blow dry your roots. It will keep your hair looking fresh until you have time to wash it! This is useful when you are in a major rush!

Smart Watch/Fitness Tracker
This is one of the best things to have when living an active lifestyle! It helps you keep track of your daily activity, and can track much much more! I have a fitbit and love it, but my sister has an Apple watch and swears by it! Plus, how cute are they?!

Cute Water Bottle
I am always down for cute water bottles! Hydration and style? I think yes!! Here are some of my favorites!!

I hope this gift guide is very helpful to you if you are shopping for any fitness items this Holiday season!! I am planning on publishing my Gift Guides more often then I planned, so you have time to use them before Christmas!!
Thanks for stopping by, Lovely!!
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