The Comfy Girl’s Ultimate Guide to Having a Chic Loungewear Wardrobe

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This past summer at work (I work as a Stylist at the loveliest women’s boutique called Primp), I was talking with a sweetest lady. She was asking me all sorts of questions about life, and got intrigued when I mentioned that I was studying fashion. As I chatted with her, and helped her granddaughter look for outfits to take with her on her trip abroad to Spain, she quizzed me and my fashion knowledge. One of the questions that she asked was, “Since you are so into fashion, what would you say is your favorite thing to wear?”. I giggled and honestly told her, “cozy things like joggers”. Needless to say, that answer did not impress her and she replied with the response of, “Really? You? A fashion girl? You really like to wear sweatpants?” (she made that sound like the ugliest word ever). I was thinking umm…heck yes!! I obviously did not reply to her in that way, but I explained to her that being comfortable is my favorite way to be. I told her that I rarely wear sweats out in public, but a majority of my day’s end in comfy clothes at home. I also elaborated and told her that I just prefer comfort, and I look for comfort and style even when dressing on my fanciest days.


Now, I am a college student, so running pants/yoga pants/activewear are something that I am constantly throwing on when heading to class. I remember my freshmen year when I had the energy and time to get ready and look like an actual fashion student and not like I just rolled out of bed (lol good times, good times). Let’s just say: classes get harder, life gets busier, and hours of sleep decrease with each year of college. I would love to look stylish each and everyday, but I think my classmates can agree with me that is not always reality or possible (especially when you are up a majority of the night trying to cram historical dress terms into your head or trying to keep merchandising equations straight). So for the people who ask if I dress like I do on my blog everyday including days I have class, the honest answer is absolutely not…and that is okay. My blog is where I showcase the favorite parts of my personal style, and my most creative and thought-out outfits.


Today I am here to tell you that it is perfectly okay to not have your hair curled, makeup perfect, or clothes steamed just right everyday. Some days you just have to throw on your most comfy pair of joggers, your go-to tee, and pour yourself the biggest cup of coffee. I want to let you in on a little secret though… it is possible to be comfy and chic at the same time. Say What?? Yes. It is true, and I am here to share with you how to build a comfy yet chic wardrobe that will stop those negative thoughts about sweatpants and baggy tees.


The first thing you need to do to make this comfy chic closet is to purge your drawers and racks. I will admit that I still have sweats somewhere in a drawer that I wore in middle and high school. Although high school was not that long ago for me, middle school was quite some time ago. I do not know about you guys, but those are two times that I do not wish to relive fashion wise. Get rid of the things that do not fit, or that you would not want extended family, friends, or even neighbors to see you in. I think that it is okay to keep a few things like this for painting clothes or clothes to wear when you are self-tanning, but only allow yourself to wear them during those occasions.


Next, get a feel for what loungewear items you love most. Do you love a pair of joggers that fits well paired with a striped tee (like from my outfit above), or do you refuse to wear any form of sweatpants and strictly wears leggings? I am really down for anything that is comfortable, but I usually only wear joggers/sweats at home and wear leggings both at home and out in public.


Now, once you know what loungewear you prefer, you can start building the comfy part of your wardrobe. Let’s start with undergarments. These can often be overlooked when discussing loungewear, but I think they are just as important as everything else! A cute bralette can make you feel even better about your lounge-day outfit. You might be the only one seeing it, but you know that you have a lovely bralette on that is making your outfit even better!

Here are a few bralette options that are amazing:


After finding the perfect bralettes to add to your closet, search for the tops that you love. This could include comfy tees, sweatshirts, or even cozy cardigans or sweaters. I usually opt for a soft t-shirt and layer over a cardigan if it is cold. I also try to look for more neutral items (such as white, black, blush, and gray), but it is always fun to have a few brightly colored items to spice things up a bit.

Here are some of my favorite tops for lounging:


Once you have your tops figured out, you can move into choosing the bottoms you prefer to lounge in. Like I said, joggers and leggings are two of my favorite things, and are truly the base of a comfy outfit. Just like tops, I prefer to have my bottoms be in neutral colors. I gravitate toward black bottoms the most because of their slimming effect, but I love gray joggers and leggings, blush joggers, and even navy or dark greens for leggings or joggers!

Here are comfy bottoms I am loving at the moment:


Hopefully this post helps you think about how you can improve your wardrobe so you feel chic and confident while in your loungewear. The fact is that you do not have to feel sloppy or guilty for slipping on those joggers after a long day because you can still look super put together and honestly stylish! Feeling good in the clothes you choose to lounge in is really more important than a lot of us realize, and I hope this helps you kick your comfy part of your wardrobe into gear. Remember though, transforming your closet (or a part of your closet) is a process and does not necessarily happen over night.


Although you guys do not see much of my lounge outfits here on the blog, I want to make sure that you know I (just like most people) love comfort and adding these kind of items to my closet. So here is to my comfy girls! May your outfits be comfy and chic as can be!!

Thanks for stopping by, Lovely!!





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