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Somehow the first day of classes of my senior year is in the books. I do not understand how time goes by so quickly!


There is always one thing for me that is a closet necessity when heading back to school. That one thing is B A S I C S. I do not know about you guys, but I am a big basics girl because they are the perfect base of an outfit. Not only that, but they are beyond perfect for slipping on when all you want to be is comfortable.


Sometimes it can be hard to find good basics with an inexpensive price though. Many times the cheap basics are too sheer or have poor quality. I am here today to share my favorite places to buy great quality basics that have a friendlier price tag.


Target: Some of the basics that I have had the longest are from Target. Although not every piece is of the highest quality, there are some brands that have quality that blows my mind. Their new Wild Fable label is something I am currently obsessing over. They have the cutest basics, including the $8 olive cropped t-shirt that I am wearing in these pictures. Most of Wild Fable’s items seem to have great quality for their low prices.


Topshop: Most of the time Topshop is associated with higher priced items. They have amazing quality pieces and surprisingly make very affordable basics. They also do a great job at incorporating popular trends into their basics as well.


Zara: This company has my heart with its unique style and items that it carries. Among their endless selection of trendy pieces, they also have a great selection of affordable basics.


Madewell: Let’s just say that Madewell’s merchandise is simply that…made well! I cannot explain my love for this brand and they certainly know how to make basics. They may have a slightly higher price tag, but they are definitely worth the few extra dollars. Also, they always have the most pretty colors and patterns incorporated into their basics, which I love!



H&M: I have found some great basics here, but I have also been left disapointed with some. Their basics with the DIVIDED label have worked out the best and I truly do love them!


 BP.: If you shop at Nordstrom at all or follow along with any other bloggers, I am sure you have either heard of this brand or have seen people wearing its basics. I am a major fan of their soft everyday tees and would recommend them to every last person. They always have multiple color options and prints (usually stripes, which you all know I love), which ensures everyone would find one that fits their style!


ASOS: They make an amazing variety of basics! I love that a lot of their basics have the option to come in a variety pack with other colors. They also have a great selection of bodysuits that never disappoint.


Urban Outfitters: They always have the best things, including basics! There is not a brand that they carry that I do not like, but for basics I really love Out From Under and Project Social T.


These just happen to be a few of my favorite places to search for basics. Sometimes it can be a hit or miss when it comes to quality, but the best advice I can give you is to test a few brands out and see what you love and what you would not want to spend any more money on. I hope this helps you shop (and save) on the building blocks of the closet.


Stay lovely, Babes!





Photos taken by my lovely mom!

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