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Happy Friday, Babes! Today I am beginning a new series on the blog that is called “Talking Lovely”. These blog posts will just be chatting about random things or answering questions that you all might have! Yesterday on Instagram, I asked you guys to comment on my latest picture or DM any questions you had for me! So today on the blog I am going to answer those questions in a Q+A style blog post! I separated them into main sections to make them a little easier to read!
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Let’s start the Q+A, Loves!!
Q: Where would you like to travel if you had the chance?
A: Wow, there are so many places I would love to travel to if I had the chance (and the money). If we are talking about the States, then I would love to visit Boston (I love the character it has), Charleston, San Fransisco, and Hawaii. If we are talking about traveling out of the country then I would love to visit Paris, Italy, London, Amsterdam, Banff, Greece, and Bora Bora (really any place tropical with a beach I will love lol). There are so many other places that I would love to explore, but these all are definitely high on the list. All I can hope for in life is to visit one or two of these beautiful places!
Q: What was your favorite part of NYC? Would you want to go back eventually?
A: I could not narrow my favorite parts of NYC down to one single thing! I absolutely loved how inspiring it felt just to simply be there. The atmosphere is great! It is also so different from where I am from, so it was fun to experience a place so unique to me! If we are talking about landmarks, then the Flatiron Building and the Brooklyn Bridge were my favorite to see! Although when I was driving over the bridge I was absolutely terrified! Apparently I do not like being on big bridges like that, but it is so beautiful in person! Hands down I would go back to NYC any chance that I get!! I would love to go back and explore the city more. When I went I was there for school, so my schedule was pretty set and I did not have enough time to see everything I would want to see and experience!
Q: Do you have a vacations or trips planned in the next couple months?
A: Nothing too big! Austin and I are going to another Packers game here in the near future, which I am very excited about! It has quickly become an annual tradition for us! If you know Austin at all, he is probably the biggest Packers fan (like ever), so it is so fun getting to be with him watching something he loves so much.
Q: Where do you study fashion and what year are you in school?
A: I am studying Apparel Merchandising and Marketing at South Dakota State University (go jacks), which is about 60 mile from my hometown. I am a junior this year, and will graduate in Spring 2019.
Q: Do you like living in South Dakota? Wasn’t really sure people lived there…
A: I promise that there are people who live in South Dakota (haha) and we are just normal people. We do not ride horses or buffalo (I have actually been asked if we do that before lol). When I was younger I wished that I grew up somewhere a little more interesting, but as I have grown up and as Sioux Falls (my hometown) has evolved, I have grown such a love for it. I also think that being away from home for school in a smaller town makes me appreciate home a lot more. So yes I do love living in South Dakota, but I do not think I would love it as much if I grew up in a different town.
Q: I love Primp!! What is your favorite part about working there?
A: I am so glad to hear that you love it! There are so many things I love about working at Primp! First of all, I love the girls I get to work with! We all get a long so well, and they are all just the sweetest people ever! Second of all, I love that I love going to work! I have never really had a job that I did not dread going to, but with Primp it is different! I feel inspired by what I do and who I work with, so I am always happy to go to work! I also really love getting to assist, style, and get to know our customers! I am convinced we have some of the best customers out there!
Q: You have mentioned your food allergies in the past, any advice on how do to handle those?
A: So for anyone who does not know, I have a peanut allergy. I acquired my allergy my freshmen year of high school, which really sucked because I had to say goodbye to all my favorite things that had peanut butter (but maybe it was a blessing that I got to experience those tasty things for a portion of my life)! As the years have pasted (I have had my allergy for 5-6 years now), my allergy has gotten worse, and can get worse with each time I am exposed. So it actually scares me a lot because I have never had to use my EpiPen, but I have gotten really close! I think I want to do a post about this here in the near future, but just be cautious of your surroundings, make sure to ask questions when at restaurants, always have your EpiPen, and do not be afraid to tell people or ask them not to eat what your allergic to around them!
Lately I have also noticed my sensitivity to eggs and dairy (which is so sad, isn’t a peanut allergy enough?!). I have always been sensitive to eggs, but lately I have felt really sick after eating them and dairy. I plan to go to the doctor soon to confirm whether I do have an intolerance to those things, but I have been avoiding them, and I feel so much better!!
Q: What is your coffee order?
A: My coffee order for a while has been a latte with skim milk and honey! Since I have noticed sensitivities to dairy, I have tried ordering a vanilla latte (with sugar free vanilla) and almond milk! I’m not quite use to it yet, but I think that I could really love it!
Q: How did you and your boyfriend meet, how long have you been dating, and have you ever broken up?
A: Austin and I met in middle school and started really talking the April of our 8th grade year (gosh that sounds like forever ago), after one of my friends thought we would be a good fit (as always thanks Hayley <3 ). We began dating that June (2011) and have been together ever since! No we have never broken up, not even close! Austin and I get along really really well and are simply best friends!
Q: Do you and Austin go to the same school?
A: Yes, we both attend South Dakota State University, which is not too far from where we grew up! He is majoring is Sports Management!
Q: Do you color your hair? If you do, can you share what does your stylist does to get your color?
A: No I was born with this color of hair, and I have never touched my hair with color or highlights! My hair does get naturally highlighted in the summer from the sun! All I do with my hair is get it cut a couple times a year. I am thinking of getting a new hair style because I have literally had the same hair cut my whole life, but I want to keep my length! If you have any suggestions or ideas comment them down below!!
Q: What are 4 beauty product you could not live without?
A: I could not live without my It Cosmetics CC+ Cream, Tarte Shape Tape Concealer, my brow pencil, and chapstick! I would go crazy without chapstick!!
Q: What do you use for skin care? 
A: I use both Fresh and Origins products for my skin care! I use the Fresh Soy Face Cleanser to cleanse my face morning and night. I then use Origins’ GinZing moisturizer and eye cream in the morning, and Origins’ High Potency Night-A-Mins Cream and EyeDoctor eye cream at night!
Q: What are some of your favorite items in your closet for fall? Why?
A: One of my favorite items that I have in my closet this fall are my over-the-knee boots because they look so cute paired with really anything! I also have been loving my black pointed-toe booties because they also go with so many things and they make any outfit look extra chic. My olive motto jacket (pictured above) it also something that I have been obsessed with wearing and know I will wear it a ton this fall!
Q: What is your go-to outfit for an everyday look for fall?
A: For fall my go-to outfit would be a pair of dark high-waisted denim, a black and white striped t-shirt tucked in for some pattern, a mauve cozy cardigan for color, and black pointed-toe booties!
Q: How do you stay up to date on the latest trends?
A: Fashion is my passion in life, so I am constantly researching, reading blogs, looking at fashion Instagram accounts, scrolling through Pinterest, checking online stores, and people watching to see what trends are hot at the moment! Also, working at a women’s boutique helps me keep up to date on what is trending!
Q: What is the hardest part about having a fashion blog and staying so active on it?
A: One of the hardest parts of having a fashion blog for me is putting so much work into it and not making the progress I want to be making. You definitely have to be patient when it comes to growing your blog because it does not happen over night and it requires a lot of time and work. Staying active on my blog can be hard when I have school and my other job, but I make the time for it because I love blogging so much!!
I hope that you all like that idea of this new series, and are excited about more “Talking Lovely” posts in the near future! If you have any other questions, comment them down below and I will try and answer them in my next Q+A! Have a fabulous weekend!!
Thanks for stopping by, Lovely!!
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