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What is my favorite kind of weather you ask? It is hands down sweater weather. Especially those crisp fall days when the sun is shining through the golden leaves and it is cool enough to snuggle up in a sweater, but not too cold where you would need to be bundled up. You also might just be sipping on some hot coffee or apple cider. Those are the days, my friends. Those are the days my heart absolutely loves! So far this year, our fall days have been wet, rainy, and not very enjoyable. But, it has definitely been weather appropriate for sweaters.


Today’s blog post is dedicated to tips and tricks related to wearing sweaters this fall. Some may be obvious, but these are tips and tricks that will get you more use and creativity out of your sweaters this fall and winter.


1. Use light-weight sweaters for layering especially under jackets. This will eliminate the bulkiness when layering with chunky sweaters.

2. Light-weight sweaters are also ideal for tucking into bottoms. They wont create as awkward of bumps.

3. Layer your swearers under sleeveless dresses and overall type items or over dresses for extra warmth and additional style.

4. Slightly tuck them into skirts or flowy pants (like I did in the pictures above) for a cozy and flirty look.

5. For bulky sweaters that are hard to layer under jackets, lay jackets or coats over your shoulders for extra warmth (plus this never fails to create a chic look).

6. Keep a majority of your sweaters in a neutral color palette for more versatile styling options.

7. Use your more trendy sweaters with vibrant colors, patterns, and or unique details such as balloon sleeves as the statement piece of your outfit.

8. Pair cropped sweaters with high-waisted items for a trendy look and to reduce extra fabrics from chunky sweaters.

9. If it is possible before buying, check your sweater’s care label so you know how to care for them in the correct way. There is nothing worse than ruining your new favorite sweater because you had no idea it was supposed to be dry cleaned instead of machine washed.


I hope these tips makes your sweater weather season even better!

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Photos taken by my beautiful mom!

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