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There are not many things that are more lovely than waking up early and getting a good workout in, and then realizing how much of the day you still have ahead of you! It makes you feel unstoppable and like you can accomplish anything that the day throws at you!


Although I wish I got myself to do this more often (sometimes it’s just hard to leave your warm bed, you know? Lol…promise I am working on this!), I always feel so proud of myself for doing so! Sometimes to reward myself,  I love to go grab a cup of coffee and let myself continue to enjoy the stillness of the morning.


The thing is though, how do I transform my chic (but let’s be honest… a little sweaty) gym outfit into a cute and comfy outfit for a morning of sipping a hot cup of joe? I will tell you just how I accomplished this! For the gym, I of course started with my favorite pair of black workout leggings, paired those with a printed sports bra (I am obsessing over this one because it is stripes), and threw over a printed bomber jacket to keep me warm while I warmed up before my workout. Although the prints of the sports bra and bomber are slightly different, I absolutely loved how they looked paired together!



To change up my outfit slightly to make it perfect for my coffee run, I substituted my bomber for this beautiful blush sweatshirt! I left my striped sports bra on because I loved how the pattern peeked through the lace-up detail of the sweatshirt! I then changed out of my black leggings and changed into black jeans (I could have definitely stayed in my leggings for a more comfortable option). I finally removed my gym shoes and slipped on my favorite casual sneakers. I was now ready to enjoy my cup of coffee and the rest of the day ahead of me!


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Do you want to know a secret about these fabulous items that took me from my workout to the rest of my day? They were picked for me from the fabulous Wantable team! That’s right! Wantable sends you personally picked items after you take a quick quiz. You have the choice between their Fitness Edit (the one I decided to do) or their Style Edit. They then send you items they think will fit your style, you try on the items they send and decide which ones you want to keep, and then you pay for those items and send the rest back to them. It truly is that simple, and not to mention so much fun because it is so exciting to see the items you get in the mail! I completely recommend giving it a try if you are wanting a stylist to pick out trendy items to add to your closet!


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Through this collaboration, Wantable and Newsette have been so kind to give you 50% off your styling fee by click here! That is such a good deal, and do not forget that additional charges to you are only from the items you choose to keep!


I hope you check them out, and tag me if you end up trying out one of their edits!! It is so fun to see what everyone gets in their box!


Thanks for stopping by, Lovely!!




Thank you to Wantable and Newsette for sponsoring this blog post. All opinions are my own.

Also a big thank you to my mom for taking these lovely pictures!

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