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A year a go today was when I finally decided to take the leap to create my own fashion blog, and I could not be happier that I made that decision! My life is centered around fashion, and I always thought that I would love putting my love for fashion and writing together and make something really special. This idea was always in my mind, and I found the ambition to finally create Lovely Fashion with Jade Lynn last summer when my family was going through the roughest time of our lives.



As many of you know, my sister was very sick (sicker than most people know) this past year, and was in the hospital the entire summer for 2016. This drive to create my blog came from the need to get my mind off of all the hurt that we were all feeling, and what we were going through really changed my outlook on life. What happened with my sister taught me how precious life is, and that if you have an idea or dream that you should go for it when you have the chance. Creating something of my own and putting my all into the blog really helped when things were at their worst. I spent weeks creating my website even though I had no idea what I was doing (my website was horrendous lol). I created a separate Instagram account (@lovelyfashionwithjadelynn go show me some love) for my blog because (as bad as it might sound) I needed to get away from the lives of people around me. Not that I did not want friends and family to keep up with my blog or be apart of this fun new journey in my life, but I just needed a fresh start, and to kind of keep my blog life separate from my “real” life. I just wanted to have the chance to grow on my own, instead of growing with the help of people already in my life. I created Facebook and Twitter pages that correlated with my blog that are still not very popular, but that is okay because that is not really where my main audience is.



Although I have read fashion blogs for years, I really did not know what I was doing. I invested in a camera about six months before I decided to start the blog. God must of known I was going to need it!! But since my sister was in the hospital, my mom was there with her, and I felt too bad asking Austin take pictures at that point, I really did not know who to ask to take pictures of me in outfits for content for the blog. This did not stop me though. I used my (crooked) tripod, set my cameras timer, and would run to pose before it snapped a picture. The looks I got were hilarious. Just a girl taking pictures of herself, by herself. But, I still did it. The pictures turned out horrible (all those posts are deleted off the blog because they are quite embarrassing lol), but it is what I had to work with, and I was going to use it. I was determined.



Many things have changed and improved in the last 365 days, and I learn new things daily. One of the things I have learned is that blogging ain’t easy (I know that is grammatically incorrect, but it ain’t easy at all, loves). It is especially hard when you are a student and also have another job. I always wanted to be consistent, and post the same amount of blog posts each week, on the same day, and at the same time. Being a working student, I learned that is not always realistic, and that is okay. One of my favorite quotes is, “You can do ANYTHING, but you cannot do EVERYTHING.” I know I have mentioned this quote before, but it speaks so much truth in just a few words. I also think that it is so relevant to life these days. I also think that the quote, “Good things take time”, is one that I am constantly reminding myself of. Creating a good blog, good content, and good relationships with your followers is hard and takes a lot of time. It does not happen over night, and I am still trying really hard to get a handle on it all. So patience has definitely been something that I have had to have the past year. I have ideas in my head of what I what my blog to look like, shoots that I want to do, or outfits I want to create, but sometimes it is not realistic, and I just need to be patient.



Overall, my fashion blog has increased my creativity, has helped me look at things in new perspectives, has brought me amazing opportunities, helped me create relationships with other bloggers, and has helped me grow my love for fashion (if that is even possible). I hope you all have enjoyed the past year of Lovely Fashion, and that you are looking forward to another great year! I cannot wait to make this year even better than last. Thank you to all of you who take the time out of your day to read, comment, or follow on my posts. It truly means the world. Some people may think this “blog thing” is silly, but I love it with all my heart and it makes me incredibly happy.
As always, thanks for stopping by, Lovely!!
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