My Two Designer Dupe Obsessions

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I think we can all agree that designer handbags are nothing short of amazing!
Although this is true, I personally do not have the money to spend on them each time a new trend comes around. I have purchased only two designer handbags (one Kate Spade, the other Michael Kors) in my life and not only were they major discounted but, I had saved up to make those two purchases. They were two purses that I wanted for a while, and I decided to buy them for myself when I graduated high school. I have used the heck out of them, and still use them both all the time. For me they were practical purchases because how much money I was saving, how classic they were (which meant I could use them for a long time and wear them with an endless number of outfits), and because I felt like I needed to treat myself after working my butt off in high school (I laugh at that though because high school is nothing compared to college).




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My point to all of this is that because there is no way I could afford those glamorous bags each time a new one comes out, I look for affordable dupes that allow me to have the same prestigious look, but for a lot less. A lot of you might be saying, “That is a horrible thing to do!”, but knockoffs not only give people affordable style options but, they actually make the fashion industry stronger. There is a difference between knockoffs and counterfeits. Counterfeits are products that are fake, but are trying to pass as the real thing. These are the items that are breaking the fashion industry and screwing designers out of the money they deserve. We learn a lot about knockoffs and counterfeits in my fashion courses, and trust me, I would never touch a counterfeit item and do not recommend you do either (no matter how good the deal).

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Although I cringe thinking about counterfeits, I rejoice knowing that I can still find a stylish bag that does not break the bank. I am personally obsessed with the Chloe bags. I think they are so simple, yet they are the chicest things I have ever seen!!
I have found two dupes for them that I am completely obsessed with, and have been wearing nonstop. I am sure you have seen me wearing this black and taupe one that is in my photos above. It also comes in a stunning blush color! You all know my favorite color is blush/pink, but I decided to purchase this one because I thought I would get more wear out of it (I am always thinking about the amount of wear of a product). They are under $35, which I mean…c’mon that is amazing compared to the thousands of dollars that a Chloe bag retails for. You have probably seen me wearing the other one that I recently got, too. I wore it in my recent blog post “10 Must-have Items to Have in Your Closet for the Holidays” (which is a must-read if I must say). This one is a little bit smaller, but has a bigger width so I can carry more in it. It comes in cognac (the color I have), grey, black, blush, and red. It is $65, but I have never had a bag (besides the designer ones) that is such great quality.  This one also comes in a version that is slightly smaller and cheaper, if you are looking for one that is not quite as big. I will link these bags I just talked about below! All you have to do is click on the picture of the one you like and you will be taken right to it!


I thought I would share these two bags with you because I honestly love them, and they have been the perfect accessory to my outfits lately. I also thought I would share my thoughts about knockoffs/dupes with you because some people do not know that they are perfectly okay to buy. They allow us fashion girls to get a chic look, but not drown in debt. This is also not a post dissing designer handbags or people who can afford to regularly buy them because girl, if you can do it then own it! I love the two designer handbags that I own, and I am sure I will have a few more in my lifetime after saving up.
I hope you all have an amazing rest of your day, and start to your week! You got this!! Also, do not forget that my outfit details are linked at the beginning of this post this time!
Thanks for stopping by, Lovely!!
Photos taken by my talented mom!
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