My One and Only Nordstrom Anniversary Sale Purchase

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Fall always makes its first appears in the middle of July through the early days of August.
No… the leaves are not changing at this time, the temperatures are not cooling off, and no one is rushing to Starbucks to get their daily Pumpkin Spice Latte, but a touch of fall is here. This year this touch of fall included the classic Topshop oversized cardigan that sold out immediately, beautiful cardigan sweaters, lovely booties, and staple t-shirts that have killer prices. I know you already know that I am talking about Nordstrom’s Anniversary Sale because it has been impossible to avoid!
Bloggers documented on Instagram the time ticking down until the private access to the sale opened, and have been keeping everyone up to date on their favorite pieces, the best deals, and the best restocks. I unfortunately could not shop the early access to the sale because I am not a Nordstrom cardholder, but I have been following along the whole time! In a way, I am happy that I did not have that early access because it gave me time to evaluate all my options, and decide if I really need these beautiful items in my life. Ultimately, it prevented me from splurging on items that I did not need or ones that I would never actually wear. It also gave me time to read the review of people who already had the items (reviews are so important to read if they are available!)
When the time came for the public access to the sale to open, I set my alarm at 1:55 AM to browse the sale at 2 AM when it began. No I did not plan on making many purchases, but it was fun to get up shop the sale in the early hours of the morning (it kind of felt like the rush of Black Friday/Cyber Monday!)  Now, being a college student a.k.a. a broke 20 year old, trying to save money for school and rent (along with having money for outfits for the blog), I knew that I was not going to be spending much. I thought that buying one item that I knew I would get a lot of use out of, was on sale for a great price, and that I truly, truly loved would be the best thing for me. I had my eyes on the Steve Madden over-the-knee boots while watching the early access sale and thought that they were going to be the one thing I would invest in, if they were in stock when I could buy them. I ended up purchasing them, and am so happy that I did!! Now let’s talk about them in a little more detail!
I wear a 8.5 in shoes, but the Taupe color (the one I wanted) was sold out in that size. They were still in stock in a 9, and decided that would be okay, especially if I needed to wear socks with them. They are a little big, which tells me they run true to size, but although they are a little big it is nothing that should bother me too much.
Next, let’s talk about the fit! I was a little worried about buying these online because of not knowing how the shaft would fit. Being  5’3″ with calves that are not super super slender, I was worried that they would come up to my waist and not fit around by calves haha! I would have been so heartbroken if that happened! When I got them in the mail yesterday I tried them on as soon as I had a minute! They hit the perfect spot above my knee and I love that they are snug around my calf and knee! The black pair that I have from Target are snug around my calf, but are so loose around my knee, which causes them to fall constantly! The fit of these Steve Madden ones are perfect, and I have not had to pull them up with every single step! I also tried them on with jeans, to make sure they still fit well with another layer underneath, and they still look so good!!
This color is soooo good you guys!! I am all about a taupe pair of boots or booties! These will go with just about anything, which tells me I will get so much use out of them! I love these in black, too! You cannot go wrong with a great pair of black OTK boots! The black ones are still in stock, so definitely make sure to check them out!
I hope that this post was helpful for you guys, especially if you were thinking about purchasing these boots! I cannot recommend them enough, and cannot wait to start styling them in the fall! I promise you will be seeing a ton of them!! If I decide to make anymore #Nsale purchases, I will be sure to write another post and let you know what I think of them! Comment down below if you made any purchases from the sale and/or what your favorite purchase is!! I would love to hear about your finds!
Thanks for stopping by, Lovely!!
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