My Favorite Ways to Style Scarves


Scarves have been such a big deal this summer! I made a post about styling them last summer, but somehow I love them even more now! I love how they can add so much loveliness to an outfit even though they are a small edition. Although there are multiple ways to style your scarves for summer, I wanted to share with you the two ways that I style my scarves the most.


1. In My Hair: I have L O V E D putting scarves in my hair this summer. They can fix a bad hair day or make a good hair day even better. The first way that I will wear a scarf in my hair is by putting my hair in a half-up half-down style and tying the scarf around the ponytail of the hair that is up. Another way I will style them is by wrapping them around my messy bun to create a boho look. Finally, I will put all my hair up in a pony and tie the scarf around my ponytail while letting the scarf fall on both sides. I have found I do not love this look as much with my shorter hair than I did when my hair was long, but it is still a cute option!

Here are two examples of scarves in my hair:



2. Tied Onto My Purse: This will forever be one of my favorite ways to style my scarves. It some how takes an outfit to the next level by adding a touch of color, pattern, or texture. I seem to add my polka-dot pleated scarf to my bags the most because it goes so well with everything, but I also love adding ones with more color and pattern than this one to simple outfits.

Here are two examples of scarves on my bags:



Like I said before, there are many more ways to style scarves like these. These two ways just happen to be my favorite and the ones that I use most. If you have not jumped on the scarf train yet, I completely recommend it and know you will love it when you try it!


Here are a few that I am crushing on at the moment (click on any to shop):


As always, thanks for stopping by, Lovely!




Photos taken by my lovely mom!

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