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I do not know about you guys, but mornings are so important to me!
I am a busy full-time college student, with a part-time job, and my blog which is a job that I use all my spare time to work on. Life is pretty crazy to say the least. It is especially crazy this time of year with the holidays (a very busy time for both my retail job and blogging job) and also with finals less than a week and a half away. With this being said I usually am exhausted from staying up late working on things and end up hitting the snooze button as many times as I can in the morning to leave me with just enough time to quickly make myself look presentable(ish). This leaves me rushing into my day unprepared, in a hurry, and honestly ungrounded.
Lately, I have been trying my best to change this part of my day. I am working on resisting the urge to hit the snooze button thirteen times or thinking “five more minutes please”. I have actually been trying to set my alarm to wake up even earlier than before. You are probably like, “What? Girl, you’re crazy!” But, doing this gives me more time to start my morning off in a less stressful way, and feel grounded before I have to rush out of the door.
The way we begin our day is so important and truly sets the mood for the day ahead of us. This is why it is crucial to start our days off right! Cue Newsette! Newsette is a [free] newsletter that is sent out each weekday morning with inspiring content that ranges from fashion (where are my fashion girls at?) to beauty to health to advice to positive and uplifting news from around the world. This email is designed to motivate and encourage its readers, and to truly help them start their day off on a positive note.
I am always honest with you guys, and I will be honest now. I was not familiar with Newsette before they reached out to me. But, I have had a few months to really experience their newsletters first hand and its has quickly became one of the things I look forward to most in my morning routine!
The newsletter starts with a “Things to do today” section which is always motivating. One of my recent favorites was “Make today about you”, which was about ways to show yourself self-love (which we all can work on…myself included). The fun thing about this section of the newsletter is that it is new inspiration everyday!
The next part of the newsletter is “Things you should know”, which is perfect because busy people like us do not have time to keep up with what is going on in the world (let alone our own lives…am I right?). The best part about it is that it is all positive news and advice. Newsette makes it a point to choose uplifting content and information to share with their subscribers. I think that this is amazing concept that they have stuck to. The world is full of such terrible news, so it is nice to know there is light somewhere!
The newsletter goes on to share different things each day. Some of these things include favorite fashion items of the day, the best Instagram photos that have been posted lately, morning routines of and interviews with the best boss babes around, all kinds of advice, and much much more!
To make Newsette even better, their new and beautiful website just launched TODAY! You guys have to give it a look. They did such an amazing job at designing it to make it fit their brand, and making it reflect their mission. They are going to be adding new content to it all the time, but I am loving the things they already have up. They have an interview up with Birchbox’s CEO, and the entrepreneur in me absolutely loved listening to the inspiring things she had to say about her business (and just business in general). Another thing that I love that is already up on their new site is advice on meals from a top nutritionist. She gives amazing meal ideas that I am excited to try!! Plus, she is a nutritionist for super models and celebrities…so it is no question that I would want advice from her!!
I have been so excited for this day so I could share Newsette and their new site with you all! Reading the newsletter while drinking my coffee in the morning is one of my favorite ways to find some inspiration for the day, and it has quickly become a part of my morning routine! I hope you check out their new site and consider subscribing to their daily newsletter. I truly love receiving them, and would not share this with you if I did not think you would, too!  Thanks for stopping by, Lovely!!
Thank you to Newsette for reaching out to me and for wanting me to be a part of your new launch! You guys did a beautiful job!! All opinions are my own.


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