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June 22nd happens to be one of my favorite days of the entire year.
Every time that it comes around, it means that I have got to spend another amazing year with my love! This year on the 22nd, Austin and I celebrated being together for six whole years! We had a patio dinner at a restaurant downtown, took a romantic walk next to the river, and then walked to get yummy cookies and cream ice cream! It was the perfect night together, if I say so myself!
 These past six years have been the best six years of my life! Six years together is pretty incredible considering we are both twenty years old. Yes that means we started dating before we even got into high school and have been by one another’s side since. We were friends in middle school, and starting talking more the last few months of our 8th grade year. That was all thanks to my beautiful friend Hayley! She thought that we would make a great couple, and let me tell you she could not have been more on point. I still have the letter she wrote me when she first mentioned the idea of Austin and I together. So Hayley if you are reading this, I will forever be grateful for you and that letter because who knows if Austin and I would have started talking without you. So thank you, thank you, thank you! Because of you I have the best friend and boyfriend that I could have ever asked for! And Austin, thank you for making the past six year better than I could have ever imagined! You are my person, my world, and my entire heart! I love you more than you even know!!
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