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What piece of clothing makes you feel like you are in your summer’s best?
For some people it is cut-offs and a great tank, for others it is their bathing suit and their favorite coverup. In the summer I personally feel best when I am clothed in a stunning floral maxi dress. A great floral maxi just screams summer to me, and makes me feel on top of the world! There is just something about how it flows behind you in the wind, and the way you look so put together without much effort!
When shopping for a floral maxi this summer, make sure that you find one that has a fit that is flattering for your body type. For example, when buying this dress, I took my height (5’3″) into consideration. This dress would be very long for me without heels, but I knew that when I would be styling it that I would dress it up… not down. With this being said, the length of the dress would not be an issue if I planned to wear heel when wearing it. Also, make sure that the dress is going to hit you wear you want it to, and that it is not to loose or too tight on you.
Other things that you could consider when looking for a floral maxi is making sure that you love the pattern and color(s). I know that there have been some pretty crazy floral pattern this season, so make sure you really love it and will love it for more than just one wear. Make sure that you also love the little details that it offers. For example, I love the neck line of this dress, and am in LOVE with the slit. Although those details are small, they make a big statement.
Not everyone loves wearing floral maxi dresses or maxi dresses in general, but make an effort this summer to find what it is that makes you feel like you are your best summer self. It is great to know what makes you feel good in your skin each season!
On another note…I am sorry for being a little distant from social media and the blog the past couple days. My mom and I were out of town for one day this weekend, and then we had an unexpected goodbye to say. We are all really struggling right now, so I apologize if I am not my normal self, and if I am not posting on the regular. Thanks for everyone who has reached out to my sister and our family. We love you all!
Thanks for stopping by, Lovely!
Photos taken by my lovely mom!
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