How To Gradually Transition Your Outfits Into Fall

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Fall fever is a real thing, guys.
Having a fashion blog and working in retail always keeps me ahead of the current season, and makes me crave what fashions are coming next. Because of this it is so easy for me to get ahead of myself, forget about the current season, and dress for the upcoming season. Right now I have been crushing hard of fall pieces and have been grabbing for longline cardigans, cozy layers, and beautiful fall color schemes. At work this is not much of a problem because we are all wearing our newest merchandise, which is all fall based (and all so stunning, might I add). When boxes of new items come we all get so excited to see which fall treasures they hold! But being back at school this past week has made me realize that it is still summer, and although it will be begin cooling off soon, I probably should not be wearing chunky sweaters just yet (sadly)!
Although it is not time for those heavy sweaters or turtlenecks just yet, we are in a transition period. This transition can be simple and I am going to tell you how to make it happen gradually, so you are not jumping right into those late fall outfits before summer has said its farewell.
1. Alter Your Color Schemes + Patterns
It is sad to say goodbye to our favorite tropical patterned maxi dresses and our brightly colored crop tops, but the time has come. Our colors should gradually be getting darker and be more neutral toned. Our patterns should be loosing their beachy vibes, and we should be incorporating more fall appropriate florals and prints into our wardrobes. For colors, try changing your electric yellows to mustards or more golden toned yellows, your bright fuchsias into berry/wine/mauve toned colors, your light greens into olives or emeralds, and your baby blues into navy. For patterns, look for ones that are not as vibrantly colored (so are in the colors schemes suggested above), and if you are wearing florals, wear ones that you would not wear in the heat of summer. What I mean by this is that they are more of a muted floral than you would find in the summer.
Style Encouragement: Make sure if you are purchasing patterned items for fall that the pattern is more towards the classic side and that it will be in style next fall. If you think that it is more of a trendy pattern than a classic pattern, make sure that you are not splurging. You do not what to spend a ton of money on something that you will only wear a few times for one season. 
2. Introduce Light Layers + Alter Your Sleeve Lengths
One thing that I love most about fall is that your outfits have so much more depth and character. I personally believe that my style is at its best during this season because I have so much more to work with than I do in the summer months. One of the biggest culprits to this idea is the use of layers. Layers complete outfits and make them insanely better! Even though cooler weather is on the horizon, it is still rather warm here in the Midwest, so a lot of layers would have you roasting most days. As we make this transition into the new season, light layers and new sleeve lengths are going to be our best friends. To transition your style try wearing light-weight cardigans, light-weight sweaters, and light-weight jackets. The key word her is obviously light-weight. We do not need anyone roasting in the sun, like I mentioned above! You can also adjust the length of your sleeves. Instead of wearing spaghetti strap or short sleeved tops, try wearing three-quarter or long sleeve tops. Or you can still wear those spaghetti strap or short sleeved tops (in more of a fall color scheme of course-not summer colors) with those light-weight cardigans or jackets layered over the top.
Style Encouragement: I challenge you to play with your layers this fall! Make your outfits unique with them, and try layer pieces together that you have never paired together before!
3. Incorporate New Textures + Materials
One of my favorite ways to slowly bring a touch of fall into my outfits is by introducing fall textures and materials. Two materials that I suggest wearing during this transition and also in the rest of the fall season are suede and leather. These materials can be incorporated through shoes, accessories (bags/purses), and clothing (skirts, shorts, jackets). Take my outfit above as an example. These faux suede shorts are perfect for transitioning into fall because they give all the fall feels with the color and material, but are still appropriate for the warmer weather since they are shorts. If these shorts were black, I would continue to wear them with black tights as the weather cools off. How cute would that be with a pair of over-the-knee boots?! Oh my gosh! So excited for fall!!
Style Encouragement: If you are looking for a leather or suede jacket for the fall season, I completely recommend investing a little more money in one (like I recommend spending more than $30). I suggest this because you are going to be wearing them all the time, and they are classic pieces. You will continue to wear items like this for more than one season.
Hopefully this post gets you excited for fall, and helps you get an idea of how to gradually transition your wardrobe into the new season! I cannot wait for fall and all of the beautiful clothes and accessories that it brings, but I also need to enjoy the days of summer that we have left! Anybody else with me??
Comment down below what you are most excited to wear this fall!!
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Photos taken by my lovely mom!
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