Get the Lovely Look for Less: The Straw Bag Edit

Happy Friday, Loves! Today I am introducing a new series on the blog that I have wanted to start for a long time now. It seems that I frequently find items that I love, but their price tag is way too high for me. When this happens I usually end up searching everywhere for a less expensive alternative that will still give me the look I am longing for. So, I bring you “Get the Lovely Look for Less”, a new series where I will compare expensive pieces and trends and find either identical pieces or very similar ones that are much less expensive! This series will be more visual than a long detailed blog post! I feel I have noticed how more and more people would rather look or listen rather than read, so I hope this post is a nice little change here on the blog (and gives you a break from all the reading).


The first edit in this series is going to be on straw bags. This is one trend that I cannot get enough of for Spring! Seriously though, give me all the straw bags!! Many of them are so simple, but they bring so much character to an outfit (which you all know I am a major fan of). Just picture this, light-wash denim, a fresh white tee, simple sandals, and then a round straw crossbody bag. This is such a effortless look, but sooo cute at the same time!! Warmer weather needs to hurry up so we can all wear things like that without freezing! Am I right?!


Anyways, in the graphic below I am showing you the expensive version of the item (under the SPLURGE category) and then the cheaper option (under the SAVE category). I am also including each of the item’s prices so you can compare and see what a great deal the cheaper item is! Do not let this stop you from buying a pricey item because we all deserve to treat ourselves once in a while! I just wanted to show you that you can still achieve the look you want without cleaning out your wallet! All of the bags on the graphic will be linked at the end of the post for you to easily shop! Just click on any of them in the SHOP widget to be taken directly to them!


Let’s get saving, babes!!


GTLLFL- Straw bag edit




How fun are all of those options?! So cute and so perfect for the warmer months ahead (fingers crossed that gets here soon)! I hope you all enjoyed this new little series! I am so excited about continuing it! Let me know either in the comments below or message me on Instagram if you have any requests on things you would like me to help you save on through this series. I love searching for good deals, and would love to help you all as much as I can!


Thanks for stopping by, Lovely!!




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