Forgetting the Stress & Working Toward Your Dreams

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Dreams. That is a word that I hold close to my heart and know that so many of you do too. Now that finals are done and I can officially say that I have completed my junior year of college, I have a feeling of wanting to grow even more in the dream department.


I have honestly started to get a little nervous and stressed about the future though. Everyone keeps telling me to stop worrying,  that it will all figure itself out, and that I do not have to have everything figured out the second I graduate. There is definitely truth to all of that and it made me think about how much time we worry about the future and how silly it is. My boss and I were recently talking about life and she reminded me that we all have so much life ahead of us that there is no need to stress about having everything line up and in a row right now. I think that will stick with me for so long and help me through this crazy thing called life.


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With that being said, I think that we all need to forget the “s word” [stress] and starting living by the “d word” [dream]. See what I did there (lol)? Let’s all stop stressing about our next move or how we are going to reach or goals and dreams and just keep using each day to work toward our dreams.


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Here is a few ways that I think we can all work toward our dreams no matter what those dreams might be:


Find a way that you can get closer to your goals: No matter what your dreams and goals are there is something that you can be doing to inch you towards them. Whether it is shadowing or interviewing professional in your desired field, getting an internship, or even networking with people.


Start saving: Both life and dreams can be expensive. Whether you are opening your own business or attending medical school, the price tag is not always pretty. Find a way that you can save up for that dream. Try putting a portion of every paycheck into a special savings account or maybe reduce expenses by eating out less or even buying a cup or two coffee less a week.


Find inspiration: This is so important! Not only do sources of inspiration reassure you on your love for your dreams, but it can really motivate you to push closer to those dreams. This does not have to be inspiration from my personal favorite place ever Pinterest, but it can just be a place you go that inspires you or even a person that inspires you to keep working on yourself and goals.


Start today and do not give up: I have mentioned this before, but the best way for all of us to make our dreams come true is to just start. Take off running and never look back. Even if you make the smallest move forward, at least you are growing and closer to that dream than you were yesterday. Also, times will get hard, you will lose inspiration, you might feel discouraged, and you may want to give up on your dreams, but don’t. Push through the rocky times because no dream ever comes true without having a few ups and downs.


I hope this inspires you to work towards making those dreams of yours true. No dream happens over night, but even making small changes can help you get to where you want to be.

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