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Finally after weeks of hoping the leaves would begin to change and the temperatures would cool off, fall is here! I do not know how it is where you live, but it certainly jumped right into cold fall and rainy weather here. I am secretly hoping that we will have a few sunny days back in the 50’s or 60’s before winter arrives. Because let me tell you, I am head over heels for fall, but me and winter are not that close of friends (and winter lasts so long here).

I think one of the biggest reasons why I love fall so much is because personal style can truly shine. There are so many more options on how to style your favorite pieces and you can honestly have so much more fun with what you wear. I was talking to my co-worker, Kat, this weekend and I was telling her how I feel like I almost lose my personal style in the summer because there is not as much for me to work with. Fall is where it is at for fashion for me personally.




There are a few things that I think are absolute closet necessities this season and I wanted to share these things with you guys! I started to write this post and realized how long it would be if I included everything in this one post. I decided that I would make this a series over the next couple of weeks and focus on a few categories in each edit. This is the edit where I focus on jackets and shoes, which just happen to be a few of my favorite pieces for fall!


Let’s get started with jackets!



Jackets are a must for layering throughout fall, especially when it begins to get colder.

Denim jackets are a staple year round and are perfect for pairing with just about everything.

Teddy bear jackets or faux fur jackets were all the rage last year and are going to be just as popular or even more popular this year. They somehow make any outfit a little more extra and are perfect for the days that being cozy is the goal.

A slim coat or a blazer inspired jacket makes looking put together easy and when styled right can create major french girl vibes, which is currently a very popular trend.

A leather jacket is the perfect way to add edge to an outfit. Pairing a leather jacket with a girly piece, tones down the sweetness of a look and makes a killer outfit.

Although there are an endless amount of jacket options for the season, these are the ones that I believe are the best and most versatile to have in your closet.


Now for the shoes!



I am a strong believer that shoes can completely change an outfit and can also help you make a huge statement!

One trend that is a must for this season is a pair of shoes in animal print. This could be leopard booties like in the collage above, sneakers with snake print detail, or mules with crocodile texture.

I also think that it is a must to have a pair of not only black booties, but  a pair of booties with a pointed toe. I prefer pointed-toe booties all together because I feel like they elongate my legs and make me look a little taller and they also make an outfit look very chic.

Sneakers are an absolute must-have and will be your best friend for fall. Pair them with just about anything to make a more casual and comfortable look. I love a good pair of white sneakers, but there are so many other color and pattern options that would make a major statement.

White shoes were a big deal last year and are again making a comeback this season. They “up” the trendiness of an outfit and truly make any outfit “cool girl” approved.


Like I mentioned before, there are a ton of other options that you can wear throughout the season. These are just a few that I personally think are must-have items that would get the most wear throughout autumn and into winter. You can click on the picture of any item in the collages above that you want to shop. By clicking you will be taken directly to the item online! You can also shop below under “shop this post”. I hope you guys are as excited for this new little series and more fall content as I am!

Thanks for stopping by, Lovely!





Photos taken by my lovely mom!



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