Denim Skirts For Fall

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The denim skirt has made a big comeback the past few seasons!
When it first started popping back up in fashion magazines and in stores, I was a little skeptical. Was this trend from my childhood really coming back? Was it going to catch on or was it just going to be a fad? I can still remember how much I wanted a denim skirt like my sister’s growing up!! Now they are a piece of clothing that people have repurchased years later. They have been such a trendy addition to wardrobes this past spring and summer, and are strutting their way into fall! I think they are such a perfect piece to have as we are in the transition period between summer and fall (especially during the transition between the summer heat and the crisp fall air).
It is important to think about your denim skirt’s wash. When styling this trend for the fall season, make sure that your denim skirt is a darker wash or a black wash like mine above. I do not know if it is just me, but light washes scream summer, and I believe that they need to be darkened when summer comes to an end.
One of the ways that I am excited to style my denim skirt as we transition into fall is how I styled it above. Nothing. I repeat nothing can really beat a beautiful chunky and cozy cardigan for fall. I always want to wear these kind of cardigans (maybe) a little too soon. I think that it is a tad more acceptable to wear these cardigans when you are wearing a skirt or shorts. This prevents us from getting to warm. And of course, I love using my wine booties to add a pop of color to neutral outfits and to make a statement!
Another way that I plan to style this skirt this next season is with tucked in or cropped sweaters and over-the-knee boots. How cute and cozy will that be?! I know I have said cute and cozy like a million times in this post and all the other fall related posts I have done so far this year, but hey those are a few of the main words that come to my mind when I think of fall. Fall has all the cozy feels! Its crisp air just makes you want to put on your favorite sweater, sip on your favorite hot beverage, and watch some football…so cozy and so perfect!! Please try and tell me I am wrong!
Overall, when you are taking your denim skirt out of the heat and bringing it into fall, think of adding these kind of items to make a fall approved outfit!
1. Fall Hues
Just like I have talked about in previous posts, when dressing for fall we should wear fall appropriate color schemes. This could be camels, burgundies, olives, and mustards (or whatever fall colors you like to wear). Try adding a pop of color to your denim skirt outfit like I did with my wine booties above!
2. Textures and layers
Pair your denim skirt with cozy knits, fun textures, and layering pieces! These are such great ways to add character and dimension to your outfits!
3. Accessorizes, accessorizes, accessorizes!
Fall is the perfect time to utilize your accessories. One of my favorite ways to accessorize in fall is with hats, statement booties, and amazing bags! Once it gets a little cooler, scarves are another one of my all time favorite accessorizes!
I know I keep saying this, but be creative when styling your denim skirt for fall! This season is my favorite because you have so many options, and it is your time to work on perfecting your style!
Comment down below how you plan to style your denim skirt this fall!!
Thanks for stopping by, Lovely!
Photos taken by my lovely mom!!


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