Breaking Our Own Rules To Avoid Stress

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Sometimes we need to break the rules. To be more specific, we need to break our own rules!
If you are anything like I am, you want to achieve in everything you do so badly, and you beat yourself up about it if you don’t. You create stress over projects, exams, tasks, or events in life that you cannot control. And there it is… you cannot control them! Sometime we need to change the way we do things or “break or own rules” to prevent unnecessary stress.
I have struggled for a long time with stress, and it has been taking such a toll on my body and mind. If you know me or read some of my older blog posts, then you are familiar with what my sister has had to go through with her health. One of the biggest reasons conditions like that (any many other health conditions) happen and form is due to stress. I think understanding what she has had to go through and what stress can really do to our health has helped me realize that stress is horrible, and is honestly not worth our time (especially when stressing about things that are out of our control).
Obviously in life there is always going to be a little stress not and then, but we all need to understand when we are experiencing too much, and why we are experiencing it. Here is where I think we need to break our own rules. Our society is so full of stress these days, and it is so demanding. It is so easy for us to stress about every little thing, and you know what? I think it is time we stop. De-stressing definitely takes practice especially if you are someone like me who sometimes does not even realize how stressed out you are.
Realize that the stress is not worth it.
Ask yourself, what is it that you are stressing out about? Is this thing I am stressing out about really worth it? I have found myself time and time again stressing about exams or classes in general that are just not worth stressing out about. I am currently in a design class that was suppose to focus on social media, which I thought, “Hey! Blogger and social media! That would be helpful!” But it turns out that it is a graphic design class, which I am not familiar with at all (so you could say I am struggling with it a bit). At first I was so stressed out about it, worried about what grades I would receive, and frustrated that I did not understand what to do because I did not understand the graphic design terms my professor was using. After being stressed about that class for a while, I realized that it was not worth it. That class does not determine my future or what kind of person or student I am. So we just need to realize if we are stressing about things that ultimately don’t matter in the end.
Do the best that you can, and leave it at that.
Lately, I have been really working on removing stress from my life, and this has been one of the things I have been focusing on the most. Why are we stressing about doing more than we are capable of? We just need to work on doing our best on everything we do, and not be so hard on ourselves if for some reason we do not do how we hoped.
Recognize when you are feeling stressed.
This is also something that I have been working on. We need to realize when we are feeling stressed and what is stressing us out. If we understand this we can try and avoid these stressors as much as we can, or at least attempt and reduce them.
When you are feeling stressed, learn to relax.
This is something that I know is hard for a lot of people. It is okay to let yourself relax, and is something that is so important when trying to avoid stress. Maybe your favorite way to relax and relieve stress is by working out, going for a walk, watching a movie, or listening to your favorite music. It is so crucial to have an outlet like this that you can resort to when you just need a break from the stress, or when you want to avoid it building up.
Stress is something that so many people deal with on a daily basis, and is hard to avoid. I wrote this post because it is something that I have struggled with for as long as I can remember, but I am working really hard to avoid it. These are just a few things that I have been focusing when I feel stressed, and things that have been really helping me! I know that some of these methods may change the way we do things, or “break our rules”, but this is worth the change! Let’s face it… life can be stressful! But let’s try and prevent our lives from being completely full of stress.
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