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Today marks two lovely years since I published this fashion blog Lovely Fashion with Jade Lynn! I cannot believe how fast time has gone and honestly how far my blog has come since those very first days. If any of you have been here from the beginning, I think you would agree with that! I would be so embarrassed of my first site and blog posts if you were all to see them now (haha). But I am so proud of myself for starting something that I wanted to do for a long time even though I knew nothing about building a site and blog of my own.


As many of you know, what really pushed me to finally begin this blog was my sister being very sick. I needed a creative outlet to get my mind off all the bad things that were happening. Everything that was going on with her also made me realize that life is just not that long and we never know when something uncontrollable like our health can go wrong. I realized that I just needed to get started. Who cared if it was not a stunning blog yet or that my pictures were completely crooked from having to take pictures of myself with a self-timer and a lopsided tripod (true story)…at least I was doing it. Although you might think I would regret not having a little more practice before jumping on into the blogging world, I don’t. The only regret that I have is not beginning sooner!


So take this as inspiration if there is something you have dreamed about doing for a while now and jump on in! I taught myself everything along the way and know you can too no matter what your dream is!


I thought this special day would be a great chance to do an updated Q&A and answer a lot of questions I have been getting lately. I also hope it helps you get to know me a little better!



Q: How long have you been blogging and what advice would you give people who are trying to start a blog?

A: This is a perfect question for today (haha)! Today marks two years since I published my site, but I was working on creating my site and content for almost a month before I finally decided to push it out into the world. The best advice that I would give people who are wanting to start a blog of their own would be to just get started and to be original! It is so hard to stand out these days with so many Bloggers/Instagramers, but find what makes you and your style unique and take off running!



Q: Where are your favorite places to shop

A: I will be honest I am more into online shopping than going to physical stores. Maybe that is because we do not have a huge selection of stores at our mall. If I have the chance to go to a bigger city or shop our downtown shops I love to actually go in and do that. Speaking of downtown shops, I am a stylist a Primp Boutique and absolutely love our store [maybe I am a little bias :)]. We get in so many good things and have styles for everyone. If you are in the Sioux Falls or Minnesota area there is likely one near you! My absolute favorite stores to shop at though are ASOS, Zara, Lulus, Urban Outfitters, Topshop, Nordstrom, H&M, and Forever 21. There are a lot more that I shop at, but those tend to be where I find my favorite pieces.



Q: How do you edit your pictures for Instagram?

A: I am actually thinking about doing a post about this, so let me know (either by commenting here or messaging me on Instagram) if you guys would be interested in that. I always use to use VSCO and still do sometimes, but for quite a while I have been playing around with my own presents in Lightroom.



Q: How have you and your health been lately?

A: I am doing better, but still adjusting to all the changes! I am still trying to figure out things I like to eat, but I have cut out all the the things that are making me sick. I get really nervous about cross contamination with gluten because I have gotten really sick from it recently (and that is NOT fun), but I have found that I just make everything myself or know who ever is making food (let’s say my mom) knows how careful they need to be. I am planning on doing an updated post about all of this very soon.



Q: I have always wanted to be a red head! Do you color your hair and if you do what do you ask for when getting it done?

A: I know I have answered this a million times, but just in case there are some new faces around here that don’t know this is my natural hair color. It has never been touched by color just by scissors. Fun fact: I am the only one in my immediate family with red hair. I definitely have had a love/hate relationship with my hair throughout my life. I use to get made fun of for it a lot and sometimes think it would be fun to see what it would be like to have another hair color, but I do not think I will ever color it unless I choose to when it begins to turn gray/white. My hair is a part of who I am and I have learned to embrace it. I think anyone who knows me would think it would be really weird if I were to be without it.



Q: Do you have any travel plans or places you are hoping to get to go soon?

A: Next week I am actually going to two different places. Val, my sweet friend and co-worker, and I are heading to Minneapolis for some work stuff for two days. I am so excited about it, plus we are staying in the cutest AirbNb while we are there. Later that week is when Austin and I are actually celebrating our seven-year anniversary (where does time go haha), and we are going on a little trip to the Black Hills. I cannot wait and know we are going to have the best time like we always do!



Q: What is your favorite thing to wear right now?

A: I have been loving easy everyday dresses and I just got a pair of striped linen paper-bag waist pants not that long ago that I have been obsessed with! They will be coming to the blog very soon!!



Q: What is your go-to place for coffee/tea in town?

A: Oh my gosh this question is too hard. I have not been able to eat at any of my favorite places since the change in my health, but you bet I have been drinking coffee and tea! I always love going to Queen City Bakery, (1) because it is so beautiful in there and (2) because all their teas are gluten free and delicious. Val and I just went there yesterday and we had one of theirs iced teas and it was fabulous. If you can eat sweets they have the best selections of cakes and desserts. A lot of their options are gluten free, but not free of dairy or eggs. I also love The Source and its stunning modern decor. I have only had their black coffee, but I have heard tons of great things about their other drinks. They also offer wine and beer, so it would be a great place for both a coffee date and happy hour. Coffea is also a classic and so close to work (so you know we all run there every now and then). My co-workers tell me they have biscotti that is to die for so make sure to pick one of those up with you coffee.


Other downtown coffee spots you must go:

Half Baked: A cupcake shop that also has amazing coffee. I use to get a latte with honey and it was fab!

Josiah’s: They just moved into the most beautiful space and have such a wide selection of drinks and food.

MB Haskett: Take your coffee to go or get it your brunch. I loved going here last summer and miss their breakfast so much!


Q: What item in your closet can you not live without?

A: They are not very summer friendly, but definitely my black pointed-toe faux leather booties. I feel like I could conquer the world in them, which I believe we should all have something in our closet that makes us feel like that!



These are my favorite/most frequently ask questions that I have gotten recently. I just want to thank you all for always being so sweet and for visiting my blog to read the content I create! It means so much to me and I hope you keep coming back! Let me know if you have anymore questions or post requests and I will be happy to answer them!


Thanks for stopping by, Lovely!!





Photos taken by my lovely mom!


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