Being Thankful For This Year’s Changes

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The saying we all have heard time and time again is true! A lot can change in a year!

Many of us can agree that in the moment it might not seem like much has changed, but when we look back on the months behind us it seems like so many things are different.

I always think it is important to reflect on the year before a new one begins. There is nothing like looking at all the changes that have occurred and how the changes have been positive changes for your life (or will eventually be). Being thankful for the year that is passing is the best way to go into the new year with a grateful heart.

I encourage you to look back at the twelve months that have pasted, and really think about what has changed in your life since last December. What new things have changed your outlook on life for the better, who has came into your life that was not there last year, what things have happened that have encouraged or forced you to change your ways, what goals have you accomplished, and how have you bettered yourself? It may not seem like much has changed, but there are so many things to be proud of yourself for, and changes that you should be thankful for!

For me, a lot of wonderful things in my life have stayed the same, but gotten even better! But, there has also been a lot of change (especially recently) for me. I have had positive changes in my life, like a job that I love with co-workers that have quickly become my beautiful and inspiring friends! I have had more difficult changes with my health, and although at times it has felt like everything is falling apart, I truly think that they are positive changes that will keep me and my body from falling apart.

Everything is about how you look at life and the mindset you choose to have when change occurs. I have definitely learned from my sister’s health in the past few years that things happen for a reason, and you have to look at challenges and changes positively (although I know that can be extremely hard at times). My point is although you might not understand the changes that are happening for you now, I bet a year from now you will be so happy they occurred, so try and be thankful for them now!

I love reflecting on the year before I jump into writing resolutions and goals for the new one that is coming! It is kind of like coming to closure with your year, and being thankful for the challenges and successes it has thrown at you! I bet you have grown as a person this past year, and without looking back on how much has changed or how far you have come, you may never give yourself credit for it all! You are doing great, and remember that if there are mountains in your life that just seem impossible to climb right now, you got this and you will overcome them!

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