All The Valentine’s Day Things

Oh, Valentine’s Day!

Some love it, some love to hate it. In my opinion, we should not need a day to remind us to show/tell the ones we love just how much we love and appreciate them because we should be doing that daily. I will be honest though, I do look forward to the love filled day that comes around every February. Whether you have a special someone to spend the day with or not, there is no reason why you should not get to partake in the celebration.

If you do have that special someone, spend the day celebrating each other and the love that you have together! Try and remember that it is nice to give each other sweet gifts on this Hallmark holiday, but gifts are just tangible things that will most likely be forgotten. Try planning something sweet instead that will make a memory for the both of you. I think we have all heard the quote, “collect moments, not things“. I challenge you to live by this quote this V-day!


If you do not have a special someone to spend Valentine’s day with, then get together with your closest girls! Get dressed up, have a little bubbly and yummy food, and celebrate the love you have for your friendship! Finding great friendships can be hard sometimes, so if you got them use this day to cherish them!


I know that some of us do not have someone to spend the day with, and it just so happens that every one of our friends is in a relationship and spending the day with their significant other. Do not let that get you down. Spend the day and night celebrating yourself! You are amazing, and deserve some self-care and self-celebration time. Make your favorite meal, turn on a great show or movie, have a mini spa night, and do not forget to have dessert! We have also all heard the saying, “treat yourself” so, let this be the ultimate “treat yourself” night!

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If you do feel the need to get your babe something for Valentines day then here are somethings that I think are great options for him:


One of my favorite parts of Valentine’s day in the outfits (how could it not be?!). A classic black dress is always a favorite of mine, but red and pink dresses are perfect for this night! I do not tend to wear red (I love it, but just do not think it is the most flattering color on me), but V-day is definitely an excuse to wear it! Do not feel like you have to wear a dress either! You can look just as stunning in something else!

Here are all some of my Valentine’s Day approved items for going out:

If you are staying in, make your night comfy with these festive pieces:

I hope that this gives you some major v-day inspo, and helps make the day more than perfect! Whether you are spending it with company or by yourself, celebrate the day! Use it for another day to tell the people in your life you love them, and use for a day to remind yourself how great you are and how hard you are working!


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Photos taken by my lovely mom!

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    • lovelyfashionwithjadelynn
      February 2, 2018 / 1:00 AM

      Aww, thank you so much Latisha! You always have the sweetest things to say! I am so happy you liked the posted! Can’t wait to get dressed up for the day either!! Hope you have the best Valentine’s Day and that this gave you some inspo!💕

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