Hi, Lovely! I am Jade Peterson, the 22 year-old editor and founder of this little fashion blog called Lovely Fashion with Jade Lynn. Not only do I spend my time putting my heart and soul into this blog, but I am also a full-time fashion and marketing student at South Dakota State University. Fashion has always been my biggest interest in life, and growing up I always dreamed about pursuing a career in it, but never thought that I actually could. For the longest time, I pushed my dream aside. But, when the time came around for me to decide on my school and major, I knew I had to follow my dreams of studying and working in the fashion industry. I am beyond happy with my decision. I feel so lucky to have family and an amazing boyfriend, who support me through it all. I am proud to say I literally eat, breath, and sleep fashion, and I would not want it any other way. I hope that through this blog I can inspire my readers in more ways than one, be a positive example of someone who encourages following life’s dreams, and to share my love of fashion with the world.


Lovely Fashion with Jade Lynn, established in June of 2016, is a fashion blog with beauty and life inspiration sprinkled in here and there. Being a fashion student, who thrives off of fashion and fashion blogs, I always flirted with the idea of creating a blog of my own. When my sister got severely sick, and spent the summer months of 2016 in the hospital, I decided to go for it. It was my creative outlet that allowed me to get my mind off of the hurt that my family and I were experiencing. I began by taking pictures of myself on my tripod, which you can imagine did not create great content (lol it was horrible), but I just wanted to have a blog of my own. It has almost been a year and a half since I started this blog, and it has come so far already, and will keep getting better as I learn more and more everyday. My lovely mom, boyfriend, and sister all take part in taking photos of me for the blog. Having them helps me to create the content that I want to make for you all, and is much better than pictures taken on a tripod. I am still learning how to be a successful blogger, but successful or not, I am still giving myself the chance to write about the passion of my life, which is fashion. I hope that one day I can inspire women through my use of fashion, and that I gain genuine readers who are excited to see and read my latest posts.


Lovely Fashion with Jade Lynn is proudly affiliated with numerous companies. Therefore, if you click and/or make purchases through specific links found on this website, there is a chance that I will make a small commission from it. In addition, if there is ever a post on this blog that is sponsored by a company, the reader will be notified in the post. All opinions are my own.

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