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Alright, so let’s be real for a second.
Although I have been talking about fall for a while here on the blog, pumpkin spice lattes have arrived, and it is September; we still have a bit until the first official day of fall arrives and most likely even longer for it to actually start feeling like fall outside. But, that is not going to stop me from talking about it or wearing fall type items. So I apologize if you are sick of it, but I think fall is wonderful and I am going to make sure it gets talked about here on Lovely Fashion with Jade Lynn! The point of that ramble was that I know it is not officially fall, and today while I am writing this it is in the 80’s, but there have been a few “fallish” items that I have not been able to stop wearing lately. These are items that are going to be perfect for carrying into the new season, and I wanted to share them with all of you lovely ladies!


This gorgeous pink/mauve cardigan is the first item that I have been head-over-heels in love with these past few weeks. This cardigan is actually from Primp Boutique (if you are new around here, I work as a stylist at the Sioux Falls location), and it flew off our racks because of how much our customers loved it! I actually feel so lucky to have gotten a hand on one of the six that our store received! I do not think I have ever loved a cardigan more, and that is a bold statement because I am a big cardi girl! It was just made so perfectly… the color, the texture, the fit (enter heart eyes here)! The girls at the store and I agreed that the only thing that could make it better would be if it had pockets, but everything is better with pockets (you know it is true)! Anyways, I think that you need to find yourself the perfect cardigan this fall! It might not be this color, texture, or fit; but find what you love the most! I could not find any other retailers with this cardigan still in stock, so I will link some similar ones above!


You have heard me talk about these jeans, and you are going to hear it again! They are the perfect girlfriend jeans! They are fitted in the places that should be fitted, and loose where they should be loose. After a few wears they will get a little looser, but that is normal. After I wash and lightly dry them, they return to their original selves. I think that the vintage look of these jeans has been great for many season, but there is something that makes it so fitting for fall. I will say that I am trying to get as much wear out of them right now and in the early stages of fall because I am a little worried the light-wash might be a little too light for fall. I have been constantly thinking about buying them in another wash because I wear them so much, so we will see if I decide to do that!
Another item that you have heard me talk about for a while now is my wine booties! I have had these babies for a long time now…like years (at least three…maybe more). I obviously love them if I have been wearing them for that many fall (and winter) seasons. I am not going to say too much about them because I know I have talked your guys’ ear off about them, but having a bootie in a bold color allows you to add amazing color to outfits that need it, compliment colors you are already wearing, or to make an even bigger statement with your outfit. Your booties do not have to be wine to do this successfully, they just have to be unique!

Next item on the list of things that I have been loving lately, is this ivory peplum tank! You cannot go wrong with a white/ivory top. We all need variations of them in our wardrobe, and this one is a simple but cute spin on that classic white tank. This tank comes in so many different colors, and is the perfect top to throw on under cardigans or jackets for fall!


Finally, I think that adding glasses/readers to your outfit is such a fun additions, and something about it reminds me of fall. It just gives a cozy “I’m going to go read a book by the fire” kind of vibe! That might sound ridiculous, but I think a lot of you can agree or at least see my point! These glasses are my own prescription glasses from my eye doctor that I have had for years (I have horrible eyesight, so if my glasses are not on my eyes then we all better hope I have my contacts in lol!!), so I cannot link them, but there are so many cute and inexpensive readers or non-prescription glasses for sale out there and I will try to link my faves for you all!


Hopefully you all enjoyed hearing a few items that I have been obsessing over lately, and ones that I know I will be wearing when those first leaves drop! Comment down below what your favorite clothing items have been lately!
Thanks for stopping by, Lovely!!


Photos taken by the best mom in the world!
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